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Frequently Asked Questions

Go Find It was started by busy professionals who needed a better solution for document management solutions. We gathered a team of technology, IT, and application experts to build out a new kind of document management system that could help practice owners, attorneys, business owners, and more busy professionals get organized, save time, and save money.

Yes! Our team of IT experts built a robust, secure system that protects every document and record that is uploaded, organized, and shared in our system. Go Find It cloud storage is hosted by Microsoft Azure with redundant servers located throughout the U.S. and the world, providing you with 24×7 access to data. Go Find It on-premise storage allows you to host your own data storage and database within your business, secured by our in-house technology expert team.

We make the transition to Go Find It tools easy. We will work directly with you and your staff to ensure smooth implementation so that you can start using our tools right away to become more productive, upload and share documents, and get organized. After a brief set-up process integrating our tools with your existing software (e.g. EMR), you will be equipped to manage your practice or business with confidence.

We built a document management system and supporting solutions for small-to-medium-sized medical practices, speciality physicians, chiropractors, law firms, EMR partners, businesses, and real estate. We want you to be more productive by uploading, organizing, and sharing critical records electronically.

We offer multiple pricing options to help you find the best value in your decision to use our document management system and solutions. Our goal is to make this an affordable investment. We understand the challenges of running a small-to-medium-sized practice or business, and we want you to absolutely be successful using our tools. We can help at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay for this type of service.

Our customer service team is available to provide ongoing support well after software implementation. You can reach us through your direct contact at Go Find It, or by phone at the number on top of the screen. You can also send us a message through our Contact page.

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