3 Best Practices For Scanning Medical Records

Medical practices in just about every field handle a high volume of often sensitive patient information every day. In the past, many of these patient records had to be stored as physical paperwork on-site or in an independent storage facility. But handling this volume of paper records proved tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. For these reasons,…


Best Practices When Correcting an Entry in an Electronic Medical Record System

It’s no secret that keeping track of physical documents poses several challenges for modern medical practices. Over the last few decades, more and more practitioners have switched to an electronic medical record system (EMR). These digitized medical records offer medical and administrative professionals increased efficiency and ease of use when maintaining and organizing patient records.…


What is an EHR System and Why Do You Need It?

In a medical world that is ever-changing, the need for real-time patient data in healthcare settings is more necessary than ever. To provide the best care for your patients, you need access to complete and thorough medical records. But, not every healthcare service provider is fully equipped with the right technology to manage patient records.…


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