Digital Document Solutions for Paperless Offices

Every year in the United States, 1 billion trees worth of paper are estimated to be thrown away. This level of waste has negatively impacted our environment. And, it’s detrimental to the average business’s bottom line.

Studies suggest that U.S.-based businesses waste as much as $8 billion annually on managing paper. All of this paper ends up in a pricey storage unit or in the bottom of a wastebasket. When you add it all up, it’s clear why more and more offices choose to go paperless every year.

Switching from more traditional paperwork-oriented filing and communications systems to digital document solutions carries tremendous benefits:

  • Mitigates the harsh environmental impact of paper dependency.
  • Results in increased productivity.
  • Supports workplace efficiency for businesses across a wide range of industries.

Let’s unpack some ways today’s business leaders can implement digital solutions in the workplace. It’s time to tap into the many benefits of going paperless.

What Kinds of Digital Document Solutions Are There?

Many digital solutions are available to modern business leaders and office managers. Each solution can be implemented to support the wide-ranging needs of different fields and departments.

Some popular digital document solutions include:

  • Electronic medical record (EMR) software 
  • Digital document storage platforms 
  • Digital document sharing  
  • E-Signature software
  • Document scanning and routing platforms 
  • Digital project management platforms 

Different businesses may require different types of digital solutions to replace paper. Or, they may choose to combine several different solutions to streamline workflows and boost productivity. Let’s take a closer look at each of these digital document solutions. 

EMR Software

Electronic medical records are effective for managing, storing, and accessing patient records within a medical practice or chiropractic office. Electronic medical records are a valuable resource for medical professionals, as they offer providers a more efficient means of documenting patient histories and taking notes during appointments. 

Software platforms that extend the capabilities of ERM systems – such as our Go Find It platform – offer enhanced data security protocols to ensure the safety of sensitive medical data. Plus, our software is HIPAA compliant and compliant with other significant data security regulations and guidelines.

Digital Document Storage

Digital document storage platforms are like EMR systems for non-medical offices. Electronic records storage is an efficient means of maintaining client and employee information and establishing accurate records of internal and external communications. 

Our document storage solution offers users the option of storing their information in the cloud or in an on-site “data warehouse,” which helps maximize storage space and safeguards against common bandwidth issues.

The platform makes it easy for authorized users to search for and access specific documents for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Digital Document Sharing

Rather than relying upon hand-written notes, memos, or mailed communications, modern offices can utilize digital document-sharing solutions to disseminate critical information.

A dedicated document-sharing platform is often necessary for situations where large files are being shared, as large-format documents require ample storage space to be transferred from one device to another. 

Go Share It is our signature document-sharing application, enabling users to easily share information with clients and associates. The tool offers users the ability to safely and securely share billing information and other sensitive data – and even provides real-time communication solutions via in-platform notifications.

E-Signature Software

In a more traditional workflow, documents that must be reviewed and signed create a number of logistical challenges, especially when parties could be spread across the country in today’s virtual workplaces.

Without a digital solution, a physical document must be mailed to its intended recipient and mailed back once completed. Or, a physical document would need to be scanned and emailed before being printed, re-scanned, and sent back. This process is often unduly laborious and time-consuming.

Go Sign It is an electronic signature software tool that makes it easy for professionals to share, review, and sign digital documents. Go Sign It also offers a number of existing document templates, so documents can be created and edited directly within the platform before being shared and signed.

Document Scanning and Routing

Scanning physical documents is a critical part of the process of going paperless. Many workplaces have an existing backlog of physical records and hard copies of data and communications that must be digitized to implement other digital document solutions.

Scanning a high volume of paperwork can be highly labor-intensive, and without a user-friendly platform, it can pose a number of technological challenges. 

Go Find It offers a document scanning and routing solution called Turbo Owl, enabling users to quickly scan and upload their documents directly into their electronic filing system.

Turbo Owl uses a barcode system to label and organize data for easier storage and access down the line and features bulk-uploading capabilities in order to save time and resources.

Digital Project Management Platforms

Keeping track of multiple tasks and projects without adequate digital infrastructure can become a significant time-suck for employees of all experience levels. Given the steady rise in remote and hybrid work arrangements, it’s particularly important to offer employees a streamlined solution for tracking and managing their workload. 

Task Vue from Go Find It is a comprehensive digital project management solution that allows employees to manage their time more effectively and enables managers to monitor employee performance in real time.

The tool integrates seamlessly with our digital data warehouse, so information can be linked, stored, and accessed within the Task Vue system. As always, the data created and shared within the Task Vue platform is highly secure and protected via robust security protocols. 

Find the Right Solution for Your Business 

With so many digital document solutions available to modern business leaders, it’s merely a question of which solution or solutions are suitable for your team. Combining multiple solutions is a great way to streamline day-to-day processes and boost productivity across the board.

Whether you’re just looking for an easy-to-use digital document solution or want to put in place a more robust digital toolkit, Go Find It has the tools you need.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. We’ll be happy to share with you all of the ways our software solutions can support the unique needs of your business.