How Efficient Document Storage and Retrieval Reduces Overhead

Do you know how much paper records storage costs the average company annually? Let’s break it down.

  • On average, companies are paying somewhere between 50 and 95 cents per storage box per month.
  • Most storage boxes are capable of holding roughly 5,000 sheets of paper.
  • It is estimated that a typical office worker in the U.S. will go through about 10,000 sheets of paper each year, which means employers must plan on paying for at least 2 storage boxes per employee every calendar year. 

On the surface, 50 cents per box may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly over time. As your company continues to grow, your records storage needs will as well.

Storing and organizing hard copies of business and employee records presents a substantial challenge both in terms of logistics and budget. Companies looking for a more efficient, cost-effective records storage option may consider switching to a digital storage solution offered by Go Find It. Learn how you can improve document storage and retrieval by going digital.

What is Digital Document Storage and Retrieval?

Digital document storage can take a few different shapes, but generally, the process involves scanning physical documents and uploading them to a secure database. Documents preserved within such a database can be easily retrieved by authorized users or members of a specific organization.

With Go Find It, uploaded documents can be stored in the cloud or on the premises in what is essentially a “data warehouse,” depending upon the specific needs of each business. Users may also choose to invest in a hybrid storage solution that provides access to both cloud storage and on-site data storage options. 

3 Benefits of Digital Document Storage

Switching to digital document storage can improve productivity and boost overall in a number of different ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits of switching to a digital document storage system.

1. Cost-Efficiency

As we’ve discussed, off-site, physical document storage can come with a hefty price tag. A business’s document backlog only continues to grow over time, which means that the costs associated with document storage will as well. Each time a new box is added to a storage facility, a business gets hit with a new line item on its invoice.

Digital storage solutions like those from Go Find It are more predictable and budget-friendly for storing company documents. Streamlining the record-keeping process can also substantially cut back on labor costs that are typically associated with manually storing and retrieving individual documents.

2. Data Security

Company and employee documents often contain sensitive information that must be handled with particular care. Storing this information in a physical storage facility may pose a number of data security risks.

Documents stored in an off-site facility may be subject to decline over time or may be compromised by incidents like break-ins, floods, fires, or other natural disasters. Switching to digital document storage can help to safeguard against some of the potential risks posed by more traditional physical document storage.

At a minimum, business owners may wish to back up their physical documents as digital files so that the data contained in these documents will not be entirely lost in the event that a physical storage facility becomes compromised.

Go Find It’s digital document storage solutions are designed to prioritize the security of your sensitive data and are compliant with major regulations and industry requirements such as HIPAA and the SEC.

3. Increased Productivity

Off-site document storage facilities often contain thousands upon thousands of documents. Subsequently, a substantial amount of effort must be put into physically storing, transporting, and retrieving each of these documents, and the process can be remarkably inefficient and time-consuming.

Sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of storage boxes in search of a particular document can be a massive drain on resources like time and labor costs, and document retrieval requests are often subject to substantial amounts of lag time post-filing. 

Digitally storing documents makes them more readily accessible and significantly cuts back on the time and effort required to organize and retrieve company records. Digital document storage is also an effective means of supporting remote and hybrid employees since they can more easily access their desired documents even from a distance.

Streamline Document Storage and Retrieval with Go Find It

The Go Find It Data Warehouse securely manages critical documents and records your data in one centralized hub. You can redistribute time and resources you may otherwise have invested in more traditional off-site document storage solutions.

Go Find It offers a wide range of tailor-made document storage and retrieval options for a wide range of industries like healthcare, legal, corporate, government, and more. Plus, our cloud and on-site data storage options offer unparalleled data security, so you can store even your most sensitive information with peace of mind.
If you’re interested in learning more about how Go Find It’s software platform is helping businesses across the country save time and money storing and retrieving documents, reach out today to speak with a member of our team. We will gladly schedule a demo with you to discuss our digital document storage solutions.