How to Digitize Documents in 5 Easy Steps

Digitizing documents can be time-consuming and expensive, but the process can be accomplished quickly and easily with the right tools and techniques.

Based on our experience supporting document scanning and digitization projects, we have unlocked five steps for how to digitize documents quickly and easily. First, let’s ensure we’re all on the same page about document digitization.

What Is Document Digitization?

Document digitization is the process of converting paper documents into digital form. This process can be done manually or with the help of tools such as the Go Find It suite of document management software.

The benefits of document digitization are manifold:

  • Cuts down on storage costs.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Makes information more accessible for all users.

It’s important to select tools and software that meet your specific needs and requirements, so take time to research and prep work before getting started on your project!

5 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Documents

Whether you’re looking to digitize paper documents for storage or collaboration purposes, these tips will help you get started on digitizing your documents!

1. Identify Existing Paper Processes

Digitizing your paper process is necessary to reduce environmental waste and save time. By scanning and digitizing all documents, you can streamline processes, better use resources, and manage information more effectively.

Additionally, making the process transparent to employees will help them understand the changes and see the benefits of using digital tools in their work. In turn, this will encourage them to embrace change enthusiastically!

2. Evaluate What Paper Documents and Records You Have in Storage

Evaluating paper documents and records for digitization is an essential step in the process of scanning and organizing them. Here’s what you should include in the evaluation:

  • Assess the condition of documents and records.
  • Determine if any documents are too fragile for scanning.
  • Decide which documents should be scanned first. 
  • Identify any documents that need to be scanned in color.

Once the documents and records have been evaluated, they can be organized into logical groups and folders. This step will ensure that the documents are easy to locate and reference when needed. Furthermore, any documents that need to be scanned in multiple parts should also be identified. 

By properly evaluating paper documents and records before scanning and organizing them, digitization can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Pro Tip: Make sure you back up your files regularly. If anything goes wrong with any of your digitization methods, you can still access the files.

3. Determine Your Equipment and Software Needs

Digitizing documents requires the right equipment and software to ensure efficient and accurate results. Scanning devices are necessary to quickly and accurately convert paper documents into digital formats. Documents can then be organized using software that allows users to sort, store, and retrieve documents on demand.

A practical document management system should provide features such as document tagging and indexing, allowing users to quickly find the documents they need.

Additionally, your company should implement security measures to ensure confidential documents remain secure. By investing in the right equipment and software, digitizing documents can be a smooth and successful process.

4. Tackle Document Digitization in Your Office with Turbo Owl

Digitizing old-school documents can be time-consuming and tedious, but with Turbo Owl, that won’t be the case anymore.

Our handy software tool automates and speeds up the entire digitizing process:

  • Scanning
  • Emailing
  • File management

You can easily digitize any document, such as business cards, invoices, meeting minutes, and more! Not only does this make your office more organized and clutter-free, but it also frees up your time for more critical tasks. Isn’t that what we all want?

5. Store Your Digital Documents

A system for storing your digital documents is just as important as organizing paper records.

You can use cloud storage or an online document management system to keep everything tidy and organized. Make sure you store all the files and folders in a logical order so that it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, use search and filter features to speed up the process even more!

Turbo Owl works seamlessly with Go Find It’s data warehouse capabilities, allowing you to keep your documents meticulously organized for easy access and search.

Learn More About How to Digitize Documents

Digitizing documents can help you save time and make your work easier. By scanning documents and digitizing them, you can eliminate the need to search for documents or email them to yourself. In addition, by following the five simple tips for how to digitize documents, you can win back so much more time in your day for the most important tasks in your role.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a free demo of our software tools so you can get started immediately!