How to Send Large Files Securely Through Email

The need for sharing large files is more significant than ever. Businesses are generating more data than ever before, including high-quality videos. According to Wyzowl, 86% of companies use video as a marketing tool. That’s up 25% since just five years ago! The problem with these large files is that sharing them with clients and coworkers can be a significant hassle.

The Problem with Email Attachments

While file sizes continue to grow, email attachment restrictions do not. Even popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook have limitations. For example, Gmail only allows users to send attachments that are 25MB or lower. Outlook’s limit is 20MB, and Microsoft Exchange offers a paltry 10MB.

What are you supposed to do with larger files while maintaining your company’s standards for security?

What Not to Do

Many employees turn to consumer-level products (often free ones) when their company email fails them to move their files. Unfortunately, these come with many disadvantages and may even open your company up to compliance issues.

Services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others allow you to store your files in the cloud. These can be tempting to use thanks to their easy availability and low cost. However, these services are not designed with strict security protocols in mind. For example, legal documents, medical records, and government files are far too sensitive for public cloud storage.

File compression is another option. Programs like 7-Zip will compress your files to fit within your email limitations. Many of these programs will also encrypt the zipped file. The downside is that the compression and decompression can result in a loss of quality for video and audio. The process might also prove to be a burden for your computer, wasting valuable time.

Finally, file transfer services like WeTransfer and Jumpshare will allow you to upload large files and send a download link to your recipient. Again, however, these services are almost certainly not compliant with the security protocols needed for sensitive information, especially if they’re free.

Go Share It – Your Solution for Sending Large Files

Fortunately, Go Find It has the perfect solution for easily, quickly, and securely sending your files. Go Share It allows you to create your own personalized portal to share and exchange important files. In addition, our double-ended encryption is compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Finra, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and more.

You can send sensitive records, invoices, legal documents, and more without fear of data interception or compliance issues. Your clients can have the access they need to real-time information. And, you have the ability to track what files have been sent and to whom through our audit log feature.

Upgrade Your File Sharing System Today

If you’re tired of trying to find a secure way to send large files to clients and coworkers, it’s time to make the jump to Go Share It. Take a look at the advantages and features of our robust file-sharing program, and start enjoying the benefits now.