Welcome to Go Find It: Upload. Organize. Share.

At Go Find It, our goal is to help businesses make better use of technology to electronically manage, store, and share documents.

Now, we are excited to introduce a new website that highlights how we solve real challenges for our clients. Throughout our new website, you will discover how our software makes it possible to upload, organize, and share documents in a fast, efficient, and secure format.

We believe this is the perfect time to introduce a new website in this post-pandemic era where practices have had to support a virtual environment and teams are working remotely. Now more than ever there is a risk of documents, records, and tasks falling through the cracks. 

Through a reorganization of the solutions on our new website, you can see how we are actively helping clients break down silos to foster collaboration and productivity, no matter whether your teams are working remotely or getting used to sharing the same office again.

Solutions to Solve Real Challenges With Document Management

Every client is on a unique journey to better manage documents, records, and tasks. Perhaps you have already moved from a paper-based medical office to a digital office, but your electronic records are disorganized. Or, you’re a business owner who is tired of using multiple pieces of software to manage contracts, legal paperwork, and other business records.

Our solutions enable your practice, firm, or entity to easily upload, organize, and share documents internally and externally in real-time. You can also utilize our solutions to manage tasks and workload to ensure that your team is equipped to be as productive as possible.

We invite you to browse our website to discover these robust solutions:

  • Go Find It Data Warehouse: Manage critical documents, records, and data in one centralized hub.
  • Go Share It Portal: Securely and efficiently share critical documents internally with your team or externally with stakeholders.
  • Go Sign It Document Signing Tool: Collect legally-binding signatures electronically, eliminating paper contracts.
  • Turbo Owl: Securely upload and organize paper and digital documents directly into our Database or directly into your network drive.
  • Task Vue: Keep your team on track supporting patients or clients so that nothing gets missed managing workload.

For clients that must adhere to industry regulations for managing electronic records, we are proud that each of our solutions complies with HIPAA, SOX, and FINRA requirements.

Schedule a Free Trial or Demo of Our Solutions

One of the key additions to our new website is a detailed break down of the pricing options for each of our solutions or the entire suite of solutions. For example, Turbo Owl can be purchased with the Go Find It database or as a standalone product, creating multiple pricing options.

We also offer custom implementations and pricing options. We strongly encourage you to connect with our team to receive a custom quote based on the size of your entity, the number of users, and your expected usage.

To get started, we recommend scheduling a free demonstration of our solutions. We offer 30-minute, guided demonstrations of our cloud-based software. We’ll show you all the features and benefits of using our software tools that will help you easily improve productivity.

Ready to get started on your journey? Reach out to us today to let us know how we can help. Go Find It is ready to help you affordably achieve productivity in the digital age!