What Are Three Benefits of Document Management Systems?

A small municipality had a problem. 

They had an excess of paper files and nowhere to file them. They also had a large storage room stuffed to bursting with bulky metal file cabinets containing paper files, but no room for more file cabinets anywhere in their office.

Employees were wasting their valuable time manually searching through paper files, some of which weren’t always efficiently organized, to find information. Customers were getting annoyed because finding specific paperwork took hours, if not days. If customers wanted an electronic copy of a file, it had to be scanned manually, taking even more time. 

The municipality looked for a solution, and they found one with Go Find It’s document management system (DMS). 

What is a Document Management System?

A document management system is a system used to organize and store documents, reducing the need for paper copies. A DMS can help an organization capture, track, and manage all of its relevant documentation. 

Go Find It’s data warehouse is a robust DMS that enables you to manage your critical documents in a secure and centralized hub. The data is stored in the cloud and easily accessible from any location you choose or by multiple people simultaneously. 

Three Benefits of Document Management Systems

There are considerable benefits to using a document management system for your business’ files and important information. Three of the most significant benefits are increased efficiency, improved security, and reduced costs. 

1. Increased Efficiency

A DMS can help businesses manage their documents more effectively and efficiently. By digitizing paper documents, organizations can save time associated with managing physical documents.

With all of your documents stored in one central location, it is much easier to keep track of them and find what you need when you need it. This can save a lot of time and frustration, as well as increase productivity. 

Employees don’t need to waste fruitless hours rifling through paper files looking for a particular document; they can use Go Find It’s built-in search function to access the relevant documents quickly and easily. You can also set up custom views within the DMS to access the specific information you need. 

Another point of efficiency is the ability to quickly and easily replicate documents and share them with multiple people or send them to customers who have requested a particular document. 

2. Improved Security 

A DMS can help organizations keep their documents safe and secure. With a DMS, organizations can control who has access to their documents and track changes made to them, as well as control document version management and viewing/editing protocols.

By storing documents in a secure system, you can help to protect them from being lost or stolen – this is especially important for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential information. A secure DMS also will enable you to stay in full compliance according to the regulatory requirements of your specific industry. 

Additionally, backing your data up to the cloud in Go Find It’s data warehouse is a failsafe in the event that your business’ primary location is damaged or rendered inhospitable by natural disasters or similar. Your office may be inaccessible, but your data will still be available.  

3. Reduced Costs

Finally, document management systems can also help businesses to save money. By having all of your physical documents digitized and stored electronically, you can significantly reduce your purchases of paper, copier toner, printer ink, file folders, paper clips, and other paper document storage-related supplies. 

Postage costs are skyrocketing, and more documents that you can send electronically instead of mailed will save the company a significant amount in mailing expenses in the long run. 

The initial setup cost of a DMS will pay for itself over time as your employees are able to manage their time more productively by having the ability to quickly locate necessary documents instead of wasting valuable hours digging through file cabinets. 

It can also result in improved customer satisfaction because documents will only take minutes to locate, as opposed to hours or days, and this in turn can lead to an increase in revenue. 

Finding a Well-Suited System for your Business

Overall, it is evident that document management systems are beneficial for organizations. They can help to improve productivity and efficiency while also reducing the risk of losing important documents and saving the company significant expenses. 

The small municipality mentioned above was able to take advantage of all of the benefits described in this article. They were even able to turn their old document storage room into a new employee break room.

Every business has unique needs and challenges, so when choosing a document management system, it is important to consider the specific needs of your organization to ensure that you find a system well-suited to your business. 

Go Find It’s data warehouse solution can accommodate any organization structure, customized for your individual preferences. We’re also committed to supporting your business and providing a smooth and uncomplicated setup that will be fully supported by our dedicated IT experts.

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