3 Document Productivity Tools That Will Save You Time

Technology has come a long way in a short time, and the number of document productivity tools available only serves to emphasize that statement. 

Gone are the days of storing physical copies of paper files in metal filing cabinets, needing to spend hours every day filing papers by hand, and having to take hours to search manually if a document went missing. 

Gone also are the days of sending time-sensitive, confidential information through the postal service or private courier, taking days or sometimes even weeks to arrive, and sometimes not arriving at all due to bad weather, misspelled addresses, or even theft. 

The difficulty these days is not the lack of document productivity tools to utilize but deciding which ones to use. There are myriad choices, to the point where choosing what tools to use can be a daunting task.

Look no further than Go Find It. We have a capable and efficient suite of tools to meet your document productivity needs.

Turbo Owl

Digitizing paper documents has become excessively popular in the last decade, and for good reason. Electronic documents do not take up physical space and are much more portable and shareable than paper copies, and they are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

However, one common pitfall with paper documents is scanning them in without a plan  for effective electronic document organization. Without an effective system, it can be as difficult to find specific electronic documents as it would be if you were manually searching through paper files.  

With Turbo Owl, our all-in-one barcode system enables you to upload documents directly to specific accounts, clients, or patients. We even have a data warehouse storage solution to stave off the tedious process of entering information manually. Our system also enables the bulk uploads of multiple documents to expedite your scanning processes and save valuable time. 

Go Share It

Once documents have been digitized, businesses need a method to share these documents with the people who need to see them – clients, medical practitioners, government officials, lawyers, and so on.

Most digitized files are also high-quality scans. The drawback to this is that they are very large, so it is problematic to send them via email, as most email programs have attachment size limitations. Compressing files into a zipped folder will sometimes work, but high-quality scans may be too large to send even when zipped.

It’s inefficient to send multiple emails with a single document attached to each. Even that will not work if you have individual documents that are over the attachment size limits. 

Some businesses will turn to freeware solutions, such as Dropbox, but the problem with most freeware solutions for uploading and sharing documents is that their security protocols are insufficient to be compliant with applicable regulations; for example, HIPAA, FINRA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and so on. 

That’s where Go Share It comes in. Our security protocols are superior to those on freeware solutions, and they are fully compliant with relevant laws and authorities across multiple industries. 

This document productivity solution also contains an audit log feature, allowing the document owners to track what files have been sent and to whom.

Task Vue

Once documents have been digitized into an organized data warehouse with Turbo Owl and secure sharing has been enabled via Go Share It, your staff’s next step in your document productivity solution is to ensure that the documents are used efficiently and effectively.  

Having the documents in a digitized format and sharing them with the clients only goes so far if staff doesn’t clearly know who should be accessing and sharing them. Peak inefficiency is when multiple staff members all do the same thing, causing confusion for your clients or patients, or no one does anything because they are unclear as to where the responsibilities lie – which could, in some contexts, have life-threatening consequences.

Help your employees manage the multiple tasks associated with treating patients or supporting clients with our intuitive and accessible project management system, Task Vue

Our document management system makes it easy to connect with staff virtually. You can assign tasks directly connected to your documents to achieve efficiencies and save time managing workflow. Each task can be directly integrated with both Turbo Owl and Go Share It, along with the other document productivity tools we offer.

In Task Vue:

  • Managers can use Task Vue to monitor steps and task completion in real-time
  • Monitor internal workload and evenly distribute tasks
  • Allow employees to log activity by patient or customer
  • Data is protected through our robust security protocols

Where Do I Go if I Want to Learn More?

There are a number of different tools Go Find It offers that you can use to enhance your document productivity. By finding the right tools for you and using them consistently, you can save yourself time and increase your efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about how Go Find It can help your document productivity needs, please visit our website and schedule a demo.