3 Things You Can’t Do to Email Large Files

Did you know that the average U.S. professional wastes about an hour of their day with email-related activity? That’s a lot of time over one year! Common time-wasters are over-checking the inbox, re-reading the same messages trying to figure out the correct response, or figuring out how to email large files.

While we can’t solve that desire for Inbox Zero at the end of every day, we can help you out with some tips when emailing a large file.

We know what it’s like when you’ve scanned a large file to your computer, and now you’re trying to figure out how to send it to the intended person. Let’s first look at what you can’t do when faced with this situation; then, we’ll show you what you can do!

What Not to Do When Trying to Email Large Files

1. Don’t Send Multiple Large Files in One Email

If you’ve scanned a 200 or 300-page document into your computer (or something larger!), you’ll want to send one email for each attachment. In this situation, there is a risk of the email not making it to its intended recipient or being so large that the recipient has trouble opening up the attachments because of their inbox limitations.

Send an individual email for each large attachment, even if it takes a little longer. (Sounds like a pain? Fortunately, we have a solution through our Go Share It tool!)

2. Don’t Send an Empty Email with a Large File

Perhaps you have used – or currently use – scanning tools that send an attachment directly to the recipient. You scan the document, type in the recipient’s email address, and hit send. It sounds convenient! But, these “empty emails” that come from the scanning tool are often flagged as spam.

In this situation, you would want to actually type out an email in your email platform and attach the scanned document to the email. This increases the likelihood of the email landing in the right place, not the dreaded junk folder.

3. Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Email Large Files

How about this? Instead of wasting time trying to email large files, you can securely share large files using a robust tool! No more using outdated scanning software, hoping that the email lands in the recipient’s inbox, and sending the awkward follow-up message, “Hey, just making sure you received that last attachment.”

Instead, through our tools at Go Find It, we can help you manage access to large files with the people that need to receive your documents.

Need to share real estate closing documents with the buyer, seller, and real estate law firm reviewing the documents? Don’t waste time trying to send multiple large emails! Use our Go Share It tool to share and exchange important documents in seconds securely.

And, don’t worry about that follow-up email. Our tool supports real-time communication via notifications to each party and will give you a heads up when the documents have been accessed. It’s so much simpler and more convenient than sending large files and communicating over email!

Replace The Need to Email Large Files with Go Find It

Get back time in your workday. It’s time to utilize a tool that can handle large attachments in a snap so that you don’t have to spend as much time staring at your email.

Our robust file-sharing software has everything you need to replace emailing large files. Talk to us today about scheduling a demo so that we can help you get started with our tool!